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I liked Bella Luna as well
Ohhh... I never win these ~ but what a great prize!! :) I'm a fan of MDC
Yup - I just signed back on since they changed the format and it turned me off for a few months...  
I currently have a client who is in need of progesterone.. her insurance doesnt cover it and I told her I would check. As an IVF momma myself I know that I had extra ... so here's hoping I dont get deleted and that the right person reads this and contacts me. She's willing to pay for it and shipping... obviously this is time sensitive- and not trying to offend anyone.. just getting desperate not being able to write her a prescription
I feel you momma - I was suddenly single with a three month old and a three year old - and now that they are 5 and 2.. honestly it is all a blur! I finally feel like I'm coming out of the haze and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It was tough, lonely and ever changing... BUT now we are strong, my children are confident in my love and stability, and I've begun dating and found that my body is beautiful to more than my nursling! :) We all want things fixed now -...
Well then it sounds like you already have a plan and a time line
I think trying again would give you closure one way or another.. I think everyone gets to the point of "when have you tried enough" or "what if he changes tomorrow and I didnt wait long enough". So if you think there is even a spark of a chance that things may become workable.. might as well give it a go - or you may always wonder. Start out with a cautious mind set (maybe even keep a seperate bank account or some other stash of $$ so you can have a nest egg if you need...
I would take as much as you can - clothing for all seasons, toys, furniture - the things you'll need in any home you live at. Also make sure you get birth certificates, bank information, marriage liscense, and other important paperwork. If you are planning on filing seperation and not just going for divorce - I would think when you're moving out would be a very appropriate time to have him served.
The standard in GR is no-VBAC.. but if you find a good provider - they are still do-able. Feel free to contact me privately and I can give you my experiences here.
Thank you - she fits the introverted child to a tee.. after meeting with the principle and the teacher - we are keeping her where she is. She may be challenged - but with work at home and everyone aware at her school - I feel that it is the best for us. I'll let y'all know in 6 years if I made the right choice
New Posts  All Forums: