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I've been wondering if I could get away with pasteurized, homogenized milk when it's cooked into food, like in bread, since the cooking will kill the beneficial microbes in the raw milk anyway. My kids and I drink raw milk but my DH doesn't like the taste so I still by organic milk at the store and could save a little money by cooking with it instead of the raw milk.
This might belong in the Lactivism section of the breastfeeding forums but I thought there was a better chance of moms in this forum having seen the Feb-Mar issue of OG magazine. There's a short piece on how drinking organic milk can increase the CLA content of breastmilk. It's a nice little article other than the picture of a baby drinking from a bottle I sent an email but haven't heard anything yet.
I love that the doctor said "She is going to breastfeed the babies". It totally annoyed me when my twins were in the NICU and the nurses or doctors would say I "wanted" to breastfeed or "wished" to breastfeed when I was breastfeeding. Attitude can make all the difference and with support like that from the doctors I bet she does great.
That's a great clip. I'm glad they put it back so I could see it. I've seen the Mr. Rogers episode with breastfeeding but didn't know it came on around Thanksgiving each year. I'll have to remember that and try to record it
Can you go braless/topless? That is one way to get rid of the thrush and cut down on washing. As much as I don't like disposable stuff, this is one time that you might want to consider disposable breastpads if you must wear a bra. Thrush is a nasty bug that is hard to get rid of and kill. If your water is just a little too cool, the vinegar is a little too diluted, etc it can survive a washing. As for waking your son, how many dirty diapers does he have? At least 3...
There was an incident at a Starbucks in Roundrock but I think it's been a year or two ago. Recently, a mom was told to stop breastfeeding at the public pool in Kyle, TX. She's gone to the city council and has a lawyer, so maybe somethings about to get done. ProMom has a 3-minute activist letter going about it. Maybe you could copy and paste parts of that letter to send to the Houston YMCA?
Definitely sounds like overactive let-down and not getting enough hindmilk. Some women have such a large supply that they only nurse one breast at each feeding. As for the let-down, nursing her in a more upright position can help or while leaning back in a recliner. You can also pull her off as soon as you notice the let-down (from feeling it or her reaction such as gulping or milk running out of her mouth) and let the milk spray into a burp rag. This will also get her...
Quote: where did you get the 8000 infant deaths number? I've read it several times in various places. The one freshest in my mind is the book Milk, Money, and Madness by Naomi Baumslag and Dia L. Michels. Some sources put the number even higher but since 8,000 is the one I've heard most frequently I used it.
For anyone interested their website is landofnod dot com Their print catalogs always have a cute original artwork picture on the cover. The one I talked about in my e-mail has cats driving a bobsled.
I don't post here much any more but I'm so happy I'm telling everyone! I sent this e-mail a few days ago in response to a picture in a catalog: "I called and requested that my name be removed from your mailing list on February 3, 2005. I will no longer be a The Land Of Nod customer because of the picture on page 41 of your "Hairballs On Ice" catalog. That page depicts a woman giving a baby a bottle. There are so many other ways to depict a woman interacting with a...
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