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Surprised nobody has mentioned 'The Sister's Eight' By Lauren Baratz-Logsted (with Greg and Jackie Logsted). It's a mystery 'octology' about octuplet almost 8 year old girls. My daughter and I are loving them...  
Hello, I need to find a lawyer in Toronto. I'm currently involved in mediation, but I need a lawyer to go over the financials before signing our contract. I'm struggling to find someone. Can anybody give me a recommendation?  Thanks in advance!
Possibly Scarlet Fever. It's basically a strep-strain. My daughter had it very mildly when it was going around at her school. Do some research and see if the symptoms add up. HTH
Thanks everyone! Sorry I've been away from the computer for a while but I just checked in on the thread and it looks like there are some great ideas. I agree that kids care more about what the child characters are up to than the parents roles, but it would be nice to embed some alternatives to 'mom and dad' into my daughters' idea of family. And I think those assumptions do seep in subconsciously. Keep them coming...
Hi All, I was wondering if any of you have come across a good series of children's chapter books (age 6-8ish) with protagonists in a single parent household? I'm sick of everything being so 'traditional family' oriented and feel it would help normalize my daughter's situation for her. Thanks for your suggestions!
This is generally our schedule: Ex takes DD Wednesday evenings over night (I pick up after school Thursday) and then he takes her Sat. morning- Monday morning (I pick up after school Monday). HTH
I'm entering into the same situation and was given some very good advice about it recently. Don't bring up your love for him, that should never even be an issue. Of course you'll always love him, but putting it out there in this context may make him question whether this is his fault when clearly the problem is not him. Be neutral and basic and clear. Create a visual calendar showing him exactly what his life is about to look like (" these things will be the same, these...
can you call the company?
I totally get the clothes thing, but if I could get my dd to wear jeans now and then I'd be amazed. For my daughter it's the opposite: we live in Canada and she will only wear thin stretchy pants (no underwear). ANd above that she will only wear CERTAIN stretchy pants (she has about a million which she swore she liked in the store, sound familiar?). Every time I magically buy her a pair she likes, I'll go back to the store and they have no more in that size. She's equally...
"I'm just angry that I have to be that random stranger that they are all going to hate for the rest of their lives." Try the sentence out this way instead." I'm just glad that I can be that random stranger that one little girl will be grateful to for the rest of her life." You are a fine woman indeed. Trust yourself, mama, and be courageous for that little girl.
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