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Would love a link to your blog! Quote: Originally Posted by TheSavedQuarter This year, I've budgeted $100 out of pocket for Christmas and I'm blogging about how I'm making that budget work. I've been really creative with no-money ways to get gifts, like using things I get mystery shopping, drugstore game coupon and sales combos, rebates, doing online reviews for store credit, earning Swagbucks, making gifts, buying second hand, etc. I have 17 people on...
WOW! Thanks for posting this. I too always feel guilty for spending so much on groceries, and we have a high COL. But we are between the thrifty and low cost, that made my day!
Quote: Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom Last day before we start... I'm so ready for a new month!!
I am in! I have done this challenge before and it is great. I keep track of daily itemized expenses on my computer. But I like to come onto MDC and report a daily spend/no spend/frivalous spend day. I'm Vicki a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom of 4 girls. My goals this month are to... Get as close to an extra $1000 in savings as possible Cash Only- NO Credit Cards Eat out 1x per week Make more foods from scratch Keep an itemized, running list of "wants" and...
$2.50-$2.62 Charleston, SC
This is about where were at- Southeastern Coast in the US. I spend about $200 a week on Groceries, and that includes a few "non-grocery" items. But I only buy those with coupons and major sales. That is for a family of 6. Quote: Originally Posted by SubliminalDarkness 1 gallon of org milk $5.79 $5.99 1 gallon of non-org milk $2.39$1.99 5 lb bag org carrots $3.793lbs is $3.99 bulk rice .79$1.29 1 lb butter reg. $2.39 org. $4.89Regular about...
Not much advice, but I feel your pain! We have fabulous grocery stores, but even doing The Grocery Game, they are pricey. I don't like WalMart either, but it is amazing how much cheaper groceries/cunsumables are there.
I know you may not want to do this, but what about selling your house and moving into DH's house, if that payment is less and you have more equity? Just a thought.
My key: No Spend No Driving Budgeted Spending/Necessities/Thought Over Purchase Unnecessary Spending : Exercise Day 1st- $160 Groceries/Consumables 2nd- $60 more Groceries (after being out of town for 3 weeks I found more things we were out of) 3rd- $35 @ the Farmer's Market $20 Gas 4th- $50 Target all necessitities
This sounds exactly what I would have! Quote: Originally Posted by treeoflife3 If money was no object, we would still have very few things as well... they would just be NICE things. All natural/organic/chemical free furniture including the sofa (yeah, I'm sure couches are just as bad if not WORSE than traditional mattresses!) and really nice eco friendly EVERYTHING. We'd actually buy some land (maybe 2-5 acres? maybe up to 10?) and build our own house....
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