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Congratulations on your newest girl! My daughter has a friend named Aubrey, I love it, you don't hear it to often. That does drive me crazy, oh 4 girls and the irls part seems to be long and drawn out as in "oh, 4 girrrlzzz". What is the big deal? And what really gets me is they say it in front of my kids. What are people thinking! Congrats again!
I am in! I already wanted to do this. We have been eating out WAY to much! I have just recently started cooking a lot and eating out way less and also buying healthier food. I had to go to the store this morning, so for me that would be $62 at Publix, and that was only a few hours into the new month. I am in SC.
I have 4 girls, and I am definatley in! I am an only child, so my parents totally think we're nuts. I really never thought of having a big family, but now I could definately see having a few more. I get the same rude c@@p from people... Are they all yours, Are you done, Don't you want a boy, 4 girls WOW, Oh My G**! Like it would be any different if they were all boys or boys and girls. People are so rude. I would never ask something like that, ... I drive an '06...
Okay here is my situation hoping someone can help without totally thinking we are crazy! I have 4 girls, and my 3rd is 5 1/2. To put it bluntly she hates going on the potty and would prbably wear pull ups till she was old and gray if we let her! No joke, she has never been completely potty trained, may be part of why we are Cding #4. She has gone on the potty before, plenty of times but cries, no SCREAMS! I mean the nieghbors probably hear her. I have no idea why. She...
Wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. My name is Vicki, I have 4 girls 11, 9, 5, and 3 mos. I work from home and live in Super Hot and HUMID, South Carolina. I am proud to be a breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering mama! Hello to everyone and I look forward to making some online friends. Vicki
New Posts  All Forums: