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Quote: Originally Posted by dubfam Yeah that. I hope you find peace.
last night dh was trying to put viano to bed, and i kept hearing her saying (yelling) "boobies in bed. Boobies In Bed. Boobies In Bed! BOOBIES IN BED! BOOOOOOBIES IN BEEEDDDDDDDD! Boobies. In. Bed. BOOBIES! IN! BED!" it was funny, like what? you want....boobies in bed, vi? i can't tell?
oh jen that is so scary. please keep us updated. im so sorry about your miscarriage sihaya. : speaking of iuds, i got one (the copper one) about a month and half ago, and i puffy heart it.
hi!!! i miss you all! i'm NOT pregnant, and i have no more babies. 3 is plenty for me, thank you very much. viano will certainly be our last. i'm in school full time, which is totally kicking my butt. i'm constantly internally debating whether or not to wean. viano is SOOOO into nursing and she screams BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIES the second i walk through the door and claws at me, and its really irritating. but, being our last, im having a hard time letting go. ive...
I just tried to email the local leader (I found her email on the LLLI website) and it got bounced back, and I also tried to email a leader from Concord (her name is Jamie - is that YOU, jamie? the one I met at the children's museum last winter?) and that got bounced back also. Does anyone know about LLL meetings in this area?
i take topamax(mood stab.), zoloft (anti-d, and anti-anxiety, also helps with ocd), and buspar (anti-anxiety. i have about 10 prescriptions for klonopins, but i rarely take them. as long as i stay on top of my other meds, at least. i had some issues with depression creeping in last winter, despite my meds, and my pdoc upped my zoloft and that did the trick. maybe try increasing your anti-d? and just tell your pdoc that you're depressed!
hey mamas! so many of you are having more babies! yay! i, on the other hand, am not. lol. viano is a crazy little toddler monster, still nursing, not really co-sleeping anymore, kinda nightweaned (she was all summer, but quit since i've been in school full time), and talks a mile a minute. neither of my boys were talking much (or at all!) by her age, so this is hilarious to me. she has close to 100 words. just like her mother, a chatterbox.
funny about homeschooling. we recently went through the same decision/process in our house. i absolutely cannot homeschool either. which makes me very sad. in other somewhat related news, im (hopefully) going back to school in the fall! : im a little concerned about taking topamax while in school, because it makes me soooooo STUPID. but its the best med ive found, so i dont know.
im in portsmouth. but can travel.
i know the basics, but would LOVE someone to help me irl.
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