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@cupcake'smom Hi! I use to do a lot of traveling to client's home, unfortunately/fortunately I'm so busy now I don't have time to travel to clients home to offer the service.I have a designated studio that is separate from my living quarters designated for placenta encapsulation. You can read more the service  on my site at www.euphoricbirth.com  
Does anyone know of any doula in training or aspiring doulas around Marion, IL that would be interested in attending a birth(EDD 4/18)? Mom strongly desires a natural birth. Thanks!!! PM me or email me at cali4niachef @ msn . com.      
Was it Keller?
Hi Noelle, I am a doula and I know of one newly trained doula right in your area!   Her name is Staci Breitrnbach 302-561-5872 stacistarbreit@gmail.com     Tell her I sent you her way, hope it works out!   ~ Cindy Euphoric Birth Services  
Hi Ladies! I hope this reaches you in good spirits and health. I am a doula in central Delaware. Im contacting you behalf of my friend, Skye; she is seeking support for a vbac. Unfortunately I am unable to be her doula as I live 2hrs from her and I am also expecting a baby around the same time. I am hoping one of you ladies may be able to assist her in her vbac journey or put her in touch (even with a doula in training) with someone who can. She is due in early...
I do this. I've also made a journal post, step-by-step tutorial if you want to do this yourself to save money.   http://www.cafemom.com/journals/read/1577334/Placenta_Encapsulation_Instructions_w_Pictures   Good luck!    
  FREE PUBLIC SCREENING!!!!!!          Hailed as the must see film for every pregnant woman and woman that intends to have children!!! In a mere 86 minutes it may change everything you thought you knew about childbirth, maternity health care and how birth shapes a mother. Incredibly moving, informative and empowering! January 21st, Friday 8:30pm at Comfort Zone Yoga Center in Lewes, DE For more information 302-632-8269 or...
Can someone recommend a VBAC friendly provider at PRMC? I'm tyring to find one for a friend. Thanks!
More than likely I will do academics before I apprentice. Since I wont apprentice till all my kids are in school all day, it will be some time. I'm pregnant with my 3rd. I definitely dont think academic study takes away from the intuition. Either you have it or your dont, nothing can take it away. I am all for education and learning, in all forms. I might do something like Midwife To Be just so I have so I have a structured curriculum. Which course are you...
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