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I had that problem after washing and drying at MIL's house. It turns out she's a big fan of dryer sheets and even though I didn't put one in the dryer with the diapers, there was build-up on the walls. I washed them several times in warm water and that seemed to help. But I had to stop using dryer sheets at home, even on my other loads (I used those blue rubber dryer balls instead). I guess once they had been compromised, they were more likely to be affected by even...
I want to be on this list! We're in Bay St Louis, MS and I have a 3 year old who needs to get it before next year!
My almost 2 year old daughter can't walk well in crocs, and she has worn some form of shoe since 4 mos. old, since we live in a cold climate and it was the only way to keep socks on her feet. We actually like the various versions of Squeaky Shoes (we remove the squeaks) because they have really soft, flexible soles but still get good grip.
L-Lysene is recommended for pregnant women with cold-sores, but you'd have to find out if children can take it and at what dose. I think its pretty normal for kids to get these since something like 80% of the population as a whole has them. Just make sure that your baby doesn't touch it and then touch his eyes or anything like that. Wash his hands a lot.
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