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Stick out for phase one, the evaluate the results. I know many people don't even weigh until the end of phase one. I doubt you overate. My friend eats very large quantities of food (compared to me- we are of similar height although she is shorter) and she is losing a lot of weight on phase two. Hang in there! The diet certainly lived up to my expectations.
We had homebirth #3, waterbirth #2. All went well except my midwife was catching a breech baby 90 miles away at the time. I loved the backup midwife though. Oh, and my dear daughter had her hand on her face and cord wrapped around her like a beauty contestant. Other than that, we had a great (if long for me) birth. Congrats to everyone! Oh, and my older daughter wanted no part in cutting the cord! :-)
12 days! That can't be right. Guess I need to get the diapers all freshened and folded!
Congrats, alaska mommy! I can't believe that some of us are having babies already! For those of you with other children who you are planning on having at the birth, have any of you had the toddler or preschooler cut the cord? It occurred to me that might be a way to have our 6 year old involved even if she doesn't want to be there for the bloody parts. Anyone done this?
A mild hemorrhage can often be handled by a post-partum shot of pitocin. That's what did it for me with my first homebirth. Have some blackstrap molasses if you are still concerned about your iron levels. It's yummy especially in some plain yogurt.
The older (Sunshine Kids) Radians didn't convert to boosters and had a 10 year expiration. At least that was the best I could determine when we bought our Radians. 8 years is perfectly reasonable to me. I can imagine moving an 8 year old into a booster. I didn't enjoy having to do that with my 6 year old due to a 6 year expiration on her Boulevard.
A-ha! I may be in the process of answering my own question. From the Graco website: "Does my car seat have an expiration date? Yes. All car seats have a suggested expiration date or “useful life.” On Graco car seats, that that is identified on the car seat as follows: "Do Not Use After December 20xx" (this information is molded onto the seat and the date of manufacture label is either on the bottom or the back of the seat—the expiration date is typically seven to 10 years...
Is the Diono (formerly Sunshine Kids) Radian the only car seat with a ten year expiration? Baby number three is almost here and I don't want to go through the trauma and drama of throwing away a perfectly good seat because of a six year expiration date. Thanks, car seat gurus!
PumaBearclan, how did you teach her to wash her hair? I really have no idea. I'm still washing my 6 year old daughter's hair for her.
I like Halley, but would be afraid it might seem too much like Hailey or Holly, both of which are typically girl's names. I also like Edmund and Edwin, but that's another situation altogether.
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