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i have to get off line now. thank you for all the kind words. to the people who have emailed me, thank you, so much. your kindness and concern mean a lot to me. please keep my family in your prayers. i will do my best to email you tomorrow.. blessings!!
hey julienore, you were on that thread, right? did you happen to notice anything against the ua? cuz i'm scratching my head here.. also, thank you!!
thank you, sweet ladies. god i can't stop crying now..
aw, thanks darkstar!! . yeah, i don't want to be banned, i'm just soooo frustrated. i just want people to be able to read my update!! please!!
lizbethian, can you email me throo the mothering server? i explained the deal with my pms before.. basically i'm backlogged with concerned peoples' pms here, from a couple of months ago, and i can't delete them, nor have i had time to answer them yet.
i get your point, but, see, i don't have internet access. just last night and today. and i spent a whole bunch of time posting my update. which people wanted. and then they pulled that too. as they did with at least 3 or 4 others. and i won't have internet access again for weeks, or months. except on a 5 mins, 3 times a week basis, again. so then everyone will think i'm effing around, as i had the impression was the impression, since all my threads have been deleted. i...
mother eden, they were kidnapped by my 'mother' and ex. loooong story. all my threads were deleted. oops, now this one may be too, cuz i mentioned a fact concerning a mod behaviour. (can that count as a counter-jinx?) anyway, this was almost 3 months ago.
thanks guys!! i just want to reach throo the screen and hold them. but having the guts to look at them again (it hurts so much, so sometimes i can't.. or i just get really depressed) has given me a new strengths. they are just so wonderful. and now they are separated. the only photos i've recieved since their abduction have been really weird. my baby's face, all around his eye is scratched up, and my older son just looks messed up. it's really horrible.
yes, thanks. i'm not looking for points. i just kind of feel extremely confused and angry that this happened AGAIN for no apparent reason, and without warning. i cannot freaking pm everyone on mothering who was reading my previous threads, so i posted an UPDATE. which was DELETED. and i'm MAD. and WONDERING why. and want people to know that this is happening so that they do not think i scammed them (those that helped me with $). because everything i've written has been...
i'm pretty ticked off myself here. but, yes, let's just sweep it under the rug and take away another members' voice. one who is seeking support and compassion in a time of great need. and to update on her situation. what ua code did i violate in my previous thread, cyn? seriously.
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