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If you only had 8 hours to declutter/ clean for the most effect, what would you do? I am talking about the whole house including the basement.   I know one of the big things I need to do is take the recycling in. And I will need to make a time at the end of it all for a run to the thrift store. What would your strategy be for getting the most done?
Have you had his eyes checked lately?   My oldest niece was having a really hard time learning to read. My sister took her in for an eye exam because the teacher thought she couldn't see what was on the chalkboard. It turns out that she was seeing double when she was trying to read. After she got her glasses it was so much easier! She never told us she was seeing double when looking at the lines of text in books.... she said she had always seen it that way and...
http://www.scotlib.org/2010/11/genealogy-biography/   Go down to the EBSCO. It has the user name and password  listed below. Then click on EBSCOHost web. There are encyclopedias, biographies, science, history, magazines, etc. I've been browsing it for a few minutes and it looks promising!
I would just tell the other mom that the movie scared your dd but you would appreciate it if she didn't mention it to the other kids because you don't want your dd to be  embarrassed. That way, hopefully, if the other kids ask for JP another day the mom won't just say, "Oh, we can't watch that because so and so is scared."   My main concern would be that she feels too shy to speak to the other parents that much. Would she feel comfortable talking to them if she...
You must have been reading my mind. I need to wallpaper this list in every room!
Good luck with your move if it happens! Luckily we aren't even going out of state.   I made a vow that anything that isn't absolutely LOVED and/or NEEDED are not making their way to the new house. We have a lot of what I call habitual clutter. Meaning, it's just kind of there and you have no real use for it but it's become such a habit to see it somewhere you don't notice it anymore. Then there is the clutter with sentiment behind it. One example: we have a bunch of...
We are getting ready to move to a new house. The thought of packing up all this stuff is overwhelming! I am going to be donating, selling, or giving away what I can, because clutter is NOT going to follow us to the new place.   Any tips, ideas, etc for packing and organizing?
What was the dosage you gave him everyday?
My dd has digestion issues including malabsorbtion. She takes digestive enzymes. She also has reflux and has been on several rounds of antibiotics for staph and pseudomonas. I have also been on various antibiotics for lung and sinus infections and anti-fungals for aspergillis. I know our gut flora is messed up and we both probably have candida overgrowth. I was thinking about ordering Threelac and was wondering if anyone here had experience with it and if it helped them....
I have heard parents say they like this cup for pill swallowing, but I haven't tried it:   http://www.oralflo.com/     ETA: My 6 yo will "dry swallow" pills too but I wonder how good that is since you need to drink plenty of water with some medications.
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