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I always think, "Is this behavior going to be cute/acceptable at age 6?, at 9?" If not, then I let my kids know. I feel behaviors easily become habits, and kids don't understand "Oh I could do this at age 4 but when I turn 5 it isn't allowed."    
I had asthma as a child, and had several lung infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc). Back then we had to have a referral through our insurance to cover anything like an ENT, pulmo, etc. We finally talked our PCP into giving us a referral to an allergist and an ENT when I was 17. It turned out that I had a pseudomonas infection in my sinus cavities that was still there in spite of all the antibiotics I had been on. I had to have two sinus surgeries to clear everything...
I would get rid of or store away any toys that have several small parts. I ended up doing this with the small Legos we used to have and a few other toys. My kids weren't actually playing with them but I would find them dumped out all the time, so I got rid of them.   I would install locks on all of the cabinets, and only allow access to things like art supplies if they ask for them. Dole out only a few pieces of paper at a time. If they want more, but the other...
Thanks for the streaming through Netflix suggestion. We have Netflix but I didn't even think to look for exercise videos!
I think, if it were me, I would say something to your friend like, "I really feel uncomfortable when gf insists on being called auntie and is all over the baby especially when she is in MY personal space when the baby is in the wrap. Next time she does this, I plan on saying XYZ to her." That way, he knows you have a problem and how you plan to address it. He can either choose to discuss it with gf before seeing you again, or he can let you say something yourself, but it...
Do the shoes fall off easily? I'm just asking since your mother said she lost one in the grocery store. I could see it being annoying if you were watching a child several times a week and were trying to run errands and the shoes kept falling off. If that was my mom I could easily see her going to buy a pair of shoes that didn't fall off.   If it's just a control issue, then I would firmly state that she would be wearing whatever the shoes that she felt were more...
Ok, the plushies are cuter! The Frankie Stein one reminds me of the movie Coraline, which my kids love!
Ok, I had to look them up on Amazon because I've never seen them. I know my girls would like spooky dolls! I have to agree though, they look like hookers. Cute idea though.   Many posters on Amazon commented about the arms falling off. I guess the arms and hands come off to be able to get the dolls into the super tight clothing. Some people had problems with the arms falling off randomly, others said it wasn't a problem. Others said the legs broke off.
There are always 40 or 50% off coupons in our Sunday paper for both Hobby Lobby and Michaels. The Michaels coupon is in their ad, the Hobby Lobby one is just printed in the first section of the paper. You may be able to find the coupons on the websites for the stores. It would help make an easel more reasonable.
My dd's have been off and on about playing with baby dolls.   My youngest used to whack people with the harder headed plastic/vinyl dolls, so we got rid of all of them in favor of soft cloth dolls. I think they got more hard headed ones the next Christmas, though, from relatives that didn't pay attention when we explained the need for softer toys.
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