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Welcome Linda!
Welcome Erin! 5 weeks... awe how cute!
Welcome Rachel, sounds like you're in the right place! -K
Welcome Tonia!
Good for you!
I'm not sure if they are still giving live vaccines anymore, are they? I know when my son was young the polio one was *sometimes* given, but all the others were dead vaccines. So keeping away from vax'd kids might not even be an issue. As for anything else, looks like you have it all under control. Although, from extensive experience, I can't stress enough about getting lots and lots of leafy green vegetables each day. In 2004 I had a brain tumor and was juicing for all...
Welcome! :
I think the time to have said something about hitting her kid for hitting is passed. At that moment you could of asked her to see the irony. Now that it's passed, I would approach her and let her know how disturbing you found it. Explain that you might of been so disturbed because you saw yourself in her and now that you have found a better/kinder way to approach a situation that maybe she'd like to hear about it. Sorry to hear about your ordeal, I'm' sure it wasn't...
Consider getting something for her that would make her feel welcome and let her know that you have thought hard about her coming to another country. Maybe some babka or another russian dish (not vodka LOL). Pick up a DVD of a Russian film with some subtitles. I know you want to mentally prepare, but if you are opening your home and your heart, you will feel comfortable inside yourself knowing that you did everything you could to make this trip special for her. You may...
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