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Early reading is not indication of being an avid reader any more than being gifted at arithmetic at 5 means they'd make a great mathematician in college. Do your best to ignore, change the subject or just smile and say "that's nice" when confronted with comparisons. Always end the conversation with something on the order of "Well, as long as the kids are happy, healthy and have well-adjusted parents, I'm sure all sorts of educational techniques are valid." Kolleen
Have you tried to find out WHY he is obsessed? Is it about the day of being special? Is it about the presents/gifts? Is it about the kids? What was his last birthday like that he can't wait for the next one? -Kolleen
Mom of a VERY social only here and its been a big challenge over the years in that aspect. Although friends of mine with 2 kids would talk about how their kids fight all the time, they definitely did not see how that is part of growing up and onlys will sometimes choose to fight with their parents because there is no one else around. *sigh* Kolleen
Music is very important and I for one am a mom who embraces technology. Think of your parents telling you that you wouldn't be able to talk on the phone until you were 18! -Kolleen
Quote: Originally Posted by jrose_lee All this talk about reading has inspired me to ask something that I was wondering about before. What about Continuum Concept and Homeschooling? Obviously during the day there are many opportunities to do what you need to do and have your children help or play. We homeschool and I love TCC. I do not see them as mutually exclusive. Although we unschooled for the first 10 years, I definitely think you can...
The whole beauty pageant contest needs to be abolished. But as far as children doing this... I agree that it's not a good message to be sending our children. -Kolleen
Pets are the best way for children to learn to deal with death, since it will not be as devastating as say a parent or a sibling. In our house death was always discussed so that it wouldn't be traumatizing. It is, after all, part of life. My condolences, losing a pet is never an easy thing. -Kolleen
I have found this book to be great in addressing the needs of young ones: Whole Parent/Whole Child by Polly Berrien Berends I also recommend a good trampoline with a domed safety net. My son was finally able to focus much more once he was able to go outside and bounce 5 or 6 times a day. I know many moms of boys who have sworn by the same thing. If you can't accommodate that (such as apartment living), then getting out 3 or 4 times a day for short exercise is very...
Just a shout out to you since I know a lot of you are on this list. Happy New Year to all ;-) -Kolleen
A big : to you!
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