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Any color would do... I just LOVED that red dress that a pp posted. Thanks for that! When I was young (way back in the 70s) I wanted to get married in black. My friends thought I was just too weird... now they finally have the kind of dress I would of loved here I never got married so the point is moot LOL -Kolleen
HI! :
Quote: Originally Posted by sages I wish there was a sticky or permanent thread that had links to EVERY article associated with this.... Sad story indeed. I like this idea sages, maybe you can PM an admin about it? I'd love to see a compiled thread for reference. -Kolleen
Comment on the action, not the person. After all we have unconditional love for our children ;-) That was a good throw Eating that food makes you strong Nice stance (for standing) You'll find more in Whole Child/Whole Parent by Polly Beriend Berends Great topic btw ;-) -Kolleen
I don't warn people, I used to, but it's not worth the fall-out. When my kid was young I did ask other people so I would keep my son from them. In the mid-90s thinktwice website had some articles about non-vaxed kids getting polio from kids who got the live virus vax. I didn't want my son near anyone who was vax'd. You may want to warn her about the tylenol if you can give a conventional type article to her about the subject, otherwise you're going to end up in a debate...
You can say that you were researching it with your religion and found out that it's against it. But if there are other laws in your are (such as personal beliefs) then I would go with that. I try to be honest in all areas of my life so I can understand if you don't want to fib about the religion thing. If your country/state doesn't allow anything but medical or religious exemptions, then you may be forced to fib for the safety of your child. If DH wasn't with you at the...
I don't blame you for being furious. I think what burns me most about this situation is that since medical personnel are required to report abuse, he was unlawfully wielding this power and used it as a threat. I find that kind of behavior to be disgusting at best. I hope you find a decent doctor, I know they are so overloaded up there that many do not have the time to take on new patients. -Kolleen
I'm in the crowd of "Politely decline" and then do something else with her that day. I feel that the idea of make-up is to make up for flaws. It's sending a message that without it, you are not good enough. I can understand that you do not want your daughter to be exposed to this mindset so early in life. They get enough exposure later on. -Kolleen
Quote: Originally Posted by aniT Does anyone have any advice other than therapy? Thanks. What about a support group? Look in your local pennysaver/newspaper and see if there is one in your area. Even a ADD support group would be helpful. I'm not sure if you're religious, but a lot of those type of institutions have support groups. If you can't find one, how about creating a circle for women in your house once a month? I understand how...
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