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Please don't take this as an assault on your choice, but I have to say that "never sick" does not equal "healthy." Never sick can (not always) also mean immune suppression and later on in life it shows with maladies such as diabetes, heart disease, leukemia, cancer etc. It all depends on the constitution of your family genetics and lifestyle choices. A never sick person could stay "never sick" or they could end up with massive problems later in life. It's actually...
Not sure where you are, but if you are in Ontario then please PM me. My sister is doing some amazing work with undoing vax damage. I agree with pps. Don't beat yourself up, just be happy you are more informed now. -K
Kudos to your mom for recognizing all that poison isn't good! The discipline thing is more cultural, so I could see the generation gap. -K
s I know how hard it is to say something when you're like a deer in headlights. Dont' be hard on yourself, you weren't prepared. Fooey on the bully nurse, although she was probably under her own stress and on a schedule and didn't want to deal with anything that deviated from her schedule. -K
I agree with the pp that it's very sweet of you. As for the germs I wouldn't worry. She's going to be exposed to more stuff in the hospital than you could muster in your house. Greens are more important! -K
I think it's wonderful that you have managed to create a rapport with your teens friends. Unfortunately enough kids don't have this luxury. You can listen to their tales without condoning their behavior. Letting them know you do't condone it is fine. Kudos to you for doing what most people can't! -Kolleen
Quote: Originally Posted by MarineWife Get counseling for yourself. That would be my answer also. Please don't hesitate for your sake, the children's sake and your hubby's sake. I know being a mom can be extremely stressful, but like it or not we are the glue that holds our world together. If we have peace inside, it's a lot easier to be that glue. good luck! Kolleen
Sounds like she's feeling left out when the younger one comes. You know, not the youngest anymore. Perfectly normal reaction. Have you considered talking to her like it's a job? Let her know that it's you and her working together at watching the baby, and she has say how the days proceeds. The change won't happen overnight, but you'd be surprise at how much they want to help when they are put in a "working" position. good luck! Kolleen
I'm not sure of his siblings ages, but a 2.5 yo won't resort to name calling unless he was on the receiving end at some point. As far as the actions around the house, I find that toddlers tend to react to their surroundings. Maybe a call for some much needed activity? My son was so active at that age that people would look at me like I created a monster. All he needed was constant physical activity for hours and hours a day. I love the response about redirection, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by CathMac Sorry, I can’t put it any better than Jacque without using specific examples and risking violating Member Rule 7 &/or 8. MDC UA – Rule #s 7 & 8 http://www.mothering.com/mdc/mdc_useragreement.html “Do not post to debate or challenge the MDC User Agreement, the moderators, administrators, or their actions. Constructive criticism and questions for purposes of clarification are best addressed directly to the...
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