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How about sending the parents some info on the dangers of that particular vax and then let them know they can pursue legal actions. You can do in such a way as giving information and not judging on their decision to seek legal council or not. This is one reason we do not go to the doctor save for the ER room (and we've had our share of those!) -Kolleen
I can't imagine what those parents are going through. That has got to be the worse thing in the world to lose a child. The comments on the board were strange, why did they assume the kid was not vax'd? es head: -K
Wow, that is an awful lot of money between the huge registration fee and the large minimum amount of donation. I've had breast cancer in 2001 so I'm not aloof to the issues. I think it's a bit of a rip-off IMO for all that money. The cancerous tumor I had was so entrenched that it was partly wrapped around to my back and my whole breast was inverted. Luckily I used an alternative method of curing it so I still have my body parts. -Kolleen
Quote: Originally Posted by oddeebean : You've abandoned your son once, don't do it again. Fight for your kid. : Let your ex know that you won't make him pay support if that will help your case. I can't imagine what that poor kid must feel like after his mother leaves for another country at the tender age of 9. He's just a kid, and deserves to be put on the top of his mother's list above and beyond all other priorities, IMO. My heart...
I used to have my son lay back in the tub and I did a quick wash, but he was able to have his eyes open and his mouth yapping. Have you considered dry washing or using a cheesecloth in a brush? -K
s: I hear the 'funk' has been running rampart around family communities, I wish you a speedy recovery! -K
Agree with the adrenal issue. I've been battling endocrine problems for years that started with my adrenals and have compounded PMS to the point that I get ONE day a month WITHOUT PMS! Don Quai helps me. Getting lots of greens and a good daily supplement should help too. YMMV, Kolleen
I didnt' get my period for 2 years after my son was born, but I did get a discharge like I would get during ovulation - but thicker and in larger amounts. I took it was my body cleaning itself out, yk? -Kolleen
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. When I was in my 20s I had 1 day a month that I felt PMS and many good ones. My periods were perpetually erratic. Once I was in my late 30s, I had 1 good day and the rest bad. After scores of testing in both conventional and non-conventional methods, it seems that it all goes back to an endocrine system that was damaged years ago. As time marched on, and I aged, it only got worse. I can offer you some suggestions that...
Hi there, I hope things got better as time went on today. I can actually see both sides of the coin on this and understand how the little things can be big catalysts. One thing you may want to work on is expressing how you feel without judgement. Encourage her to do the same. Have either of you read "Non-Violent Communication: The Language of Life" by Marshal Rosenberg? It's a lot less expensive then counseling, and might get the two of you dialoguing on a different...
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