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Jack Johnson always puts a smile on my face.
Something just came to mind wrt Egyptian women gaining more agency while returnint to traditional customs of covering. I have noticed a member, Mahdokht. She is a Muslim woman who wears Hajib. She is very outspoken and seems to have some feminist ideals, yet she is also a strong and able spokesperson for traditional Islam. I'm thinking there may be an element of Islamic teaching that isn't like traditional Christian teaching wrt women. I know, for a fact, that Muslim...
I think key to feminist philosophy are choice, empowerment, and mutual respect. Women have historically been oppressed by patriarchal systems and we haven't had basic civil rights long enough to be able to sit by in comfort while entire communities of women are born and raised thinking they must submit to males.
I, as a feminist, am insulted. VERY INSULTED.
I have a major issue with old men preying on young teenaged girls. Conversely, I have a problem with these same old men discarding the young adolescent (throwing them away is the term I have heard,) in order to not have the natural competition for the attention of those young teenaged girls. It is child abuse. I really don't care what consenting adults do with one another.
I would prefer to use the tootsie roll in the cat box analogy.
Originally Posted by Shirelle In particular, when dealing with the issue of submissive wives...many of these wives are making a conscious choice to be submissive. It may bring them a peace and fulfillment that a feminist just doesn't understand. Why isn't this post condescending of feminists?
Sorry, I was trying to fix this post and accidentally posted a second time.
Who brought up GWB's weenie. You know I feel sorry for Laura because, well, can you imagine looking up in a passionate moment (and you assume they are in the missionary position because they're conservative,) and see *that* face. Shudder-shudder-ooooooshudder.
: I don't get this. Basic understanding of children makes you realize that it's important to give the older child his or her fair share of attention. Heck, the baby doesn't even realize he or she is getting attention, but a toddler is sensitive. People are asses at times, I guess it's your older one's introduction to the realities of the asshattedness of some people.
New Posts  All Forums: