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While *I* have never used a leash, I have seen other parents use a leash (actually harness with leash,) on a beginner ski hill Actually, I wanted to use one when we took our 2yo skiing, but dh insisted on teaching her the old fashioned way. I was afraid she was going to go out of control, but someone that short never gets the momentum of an adult.
I'm a Junior.
So, it isn't like telling your birthday wish?:
I have never heard a negative regarding Canada. An occasional 'eh joke, an occasional discussion about health care, but never a negative.
I think race is the one thing that could tear this country apart, there has been so much injustice. It won't just be wished away, we need to work toward healing and reconciliation.
When someone's beliefs translate to social policy that discriminates against people, I get upset. Generally, this falls into several categories....... I get upset when people promote hurting children. Ezzo. Pearl. Dobson. I get upset when people try to take away hard-earned woman's rights. I get upset when people discriminate against gay people. I get extremely upset when people are racist. Those are generally the big four. It isn't that people *hold*...
I live about 25 miles from my birthplace. My son lives in the house in which he was born.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka Our husband serves us by working his butt off outside the home, I serve our family by keeping the home fires buring. I consider that a team effort. not to mention even my mothering comes back as a service to him. after all, they are his children too. My focus is on my whole family. Not just my children. and hopeully my home and family are a ministry to the world around us. Isn't your husband trying...
I agree with DaryLLL. The very best evangalists are people of the same ethnic and cultural group because there is a lof of cultural stuff that goes with the Christian religion.
: thank-you
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