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The dog did it :
Dh and I are co-leaders. We are yin and yang for one another, one complments the other, one makes up for the other's shortcomings. We respect the other to the degree that we, as a unit, wouldn't make a major decision without the blessing of the other. One does not overrule the other. It is a symbiotic and complemntary relationship.
merpk, what translation of the Kaballah would you recommend? I didn't know that Mazel translated to constellations.
This is very similar to a Waldorf-inspired seasonal tableau?
Well astrologers were astrologizing before we knew Pluto existed, so it's logical that it wouldn't effect them.
It is extremely important to me.
You spared me some calculations.
It's almost like taking a nice dump. What a relief.
At the most, I buy one year ahead, more than that, I feel guilty that the clothing isn't taking care of another child. Plus, I believe in trusting in God for my provision.
I wish I could find a polite way to do this. My kids have expensive sets like Lilyka's. Dollhouse, Brio trains, Lego/Duplos, kitchen set, and a drawer of playsilks and dressup's.
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