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While I have nothing but respect for these women it makes me sad that parents are being seperated from their children and risking their lives in Iraq. I hope all of them are reunited very soon.
I just hit new posts and saw this. Definately look into Ca/Mg supplementation. Muscle cramping can be a sign of a deficiency.
I see a lot of people out in public in sleep bottoms, they're a lot like scrubs.
Pay attention to cervical mucous. It looks like coital mucous when you're most fertile (raw egg whites.)
We had this discussion around th table. I think the nmeumonic was My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Now, we're just getting Nachos (unless we get little planetetts and then we need to get together a P, Z, and C.
I'm in the same kettle.
Fresh basil is positively ambrosial. Put in pasta sauce, in salads, pizza, pasta salads, you could do a lot with it. It's heavenly.
I voted every other day. Less and my hair gets oily, more and my sking dries out.
Good luck with your endeavours.
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