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I'm in the market for an old Civic.
I saw the title and I immediately thought it was the other BS :
Poor little thing. I hope she finds her family.
Aren't crusty old librarians who don't seem to like children a rite of passage? : the Librarians here. But, if they want children to become literate, they need to accomodate them in the library. They don't tell little kids to be quiet in the arcade or game stores.
: A family member just did that. She was homeschooled and went to CC an got her AA and is going for her BA. It was a good transition and saved her money, too.
Wow, she's a live wire. If your dh, bless him, is on board, I'd have him talk with her preferably privately. She really needs to respect the fact that you (both you and dh,) are adults and have the right to run your family as you see fit.
Star Trek, TNG =/\=
I've caught a couple and they're facinating.
The mere mention of Gothard gives me a fight-flight response. I pity the children under that umbrella.
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