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TB, I agree and I think that is why the dynamic between MIL and DIL is so oftentimes strained. I wish more men would step up to the plate. They wouldn't piss of dear mum as much as their wives and a lot of the reason MIL's can be so, well, the way they are is because they don't think their son agrees with his wife because he is such a weenie as not to speak up and assert himself and support his wife.
First year, I eased myself into it. I took one class in the fall and two in the spring. I wrote the check for tuition. With those grades in hand, I applied as a full time student and was quickly accepted. I filed my FASFA right away and actually got some state grants. I am shocked because we're a middle class family. I am going into my second full time year, renewing the FASFA was much easier than applying the first time. If you get your fasfa offer, you must...
There are a lot of little karate-ka and you wouldn't want to mess with them. As another has noted, don't let fear spoil your dreams.
I may have missed something, but where does your dh stand on these issues? It really isn't your job to interact this way with your MIL, it's your husband's job. A lot of times, men slack off and leave the communication up to their women and a lot of strife could be avoided if *he* communicated ith *her,* instead of you.
I guess they're too old for the "gentle touch," or "One-finger touch." We had toddler issues with a kitty cat, we used the gentle and one finger method. I would be strict about treating animals with respect. They're sentient (sp) creatures and deserve our attention and protection. I have witnessed parents blowing off their children mistreating pets and it makes me cringe. I really think this issue is a biggie and needs your attention, sorry.
I was beaten with a belt as a child and I can't bear to even look at one. It makes me sad to think children are still beaten with belts. When will parents learn.
This is so frightening. How would it feel to be these children. Monda, I an only imagine what you deleted, I would bet it is similar to what I'm thinking right now.
Oh, that's so cool. We have a big old maple tree that is on its way out. I want to replace it as soon as I need to cut the tree down. I won't cut the tree, but dh says it is dying. : I just think of how much O2 that tree is generating and I am so thankful to it.
: 140
I feel as though my children have chosen me, but what about the children born into really abusive settings, things you read about and see on the news too often?
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