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I think it's both, too. I think we're on the edge of a new way of looking at life. I also think we're about to undergo changes and need to make choices about how we're going to take care of the earth. This all ties in with 2008 and major global changes. This is so exciting for me to see in my children. I have crystal children.
I want to read it.
Scissorfight (sp) :
Good for Gwen!!!!!!
As usual, the book is better than the movie. Read the book first.
I don't know of a parent who wished she didn't listen to her gut, go with your gut.
A couple of shows or films a week is moderation in my book.
I did that thing. You will likely be a lot more tired as an older mom. You will need to focus on taking care of yourself as well. You will also have extra things to do because you have two older children. I am happy to have had my children, but exhaustion is oftentimes more pronounced in older moms.
New Posts  All Forums: