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Portland, OR sounds very, very much what you've described. Lots of different schooling options, not only Waldorf but other options. Beautiful scenery here, with access to the mountains and beaches and deserts. Very liberal town. I love it here.    You may also want to consider looking at Burlingame, VT.    Good luck!
Does your child have chicken pox or have you recently been to a pox party? I am looking for the pox! Please PM me!! Thank you 
I would love to try them. The Hyland's teething tablets were magic miracle pills for my first son. I only have a few left of that batch that I'm zealously guarding for my second son, and now I'm relieved to know I won't have to be so careful anymore. Son #2 is 10 months old and has no teeth yet!!
I'd love one of these! My husband loves to wear a carrier when mama is away on errands or a night out. It would be helpful to have videos that show MEN putting the carriers on and how to do it right, both for the front and back positions.
We're hoping to take a day trip to a beach soon, then will spend time in Central Oregon at the end of the month. Also getting Jake ready for school -- got his papers and found out his teacher's name, etc. Exciting! But I never knew the paperwork could be so annoying -- do you need his physician's name and phone number on 4 different pieces of paper!? Anyway, my biggest concern at this point is figuring out his lunch box system... :
August thread!!
Oops, wrong thread Don't mind me
HOT! Whoo!! <---- lady says UGH. What are your last-resort/end of summer plans?
Quote: Originally Posted by cellarstella Lee, I'm so glad for you that you are able to continue nursing Jake during your pregnancy. It's strange how with some (like me) it is extremely painful, and for others, it's no different! Maddy never got to try the colostrum, as she was weaned for the most part by then... and it didn't really show up in any more than tiny drops a couple days before I had Amelia. It was the same way when I had Maddy. Who's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arwyn In other other news, Gary got a job offer. : That is all. That is FANTASTIC NEWS!!! : I'll take some of those : off you guys now Exploding boobs are no good. Speaking of boobs, I have a bit of colostrum now and Jake loves it
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