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Sage Solomon Dale was born 5:05 July 2nd. 8lbs 8oz of beautiful baby boy. The birth was blissfull. My previous births have been good, but this one felt GREAT. Each contraction was intensely pleasurable, and I think I actually moaned in pleasure when his body wriggled out of me. It was so fabulous. I literally pushed like three times (which is normal for me). DH and the midwives looked at me like I was a birthing Goddess, which is great, because I totally feel like...
My EDD was June 9th, and I never would have thought that I would find myself in the July DDC. But since the baby in my belly is calling the shots, and has decided that it is not ready yet, here I am.
I haven't signed myself onto the July DDC...guess I am struggling with denial. I am stuck somewhere in between disbelief over the fact that I am still pregnant and the belief that I might be pregnant forever. Somehow, because I was still breastfeeding when I got pregnant, my ovulation occurred later than we calculated. My midwife feels strongly that while my chart reads three weeks overdue, my cervix reads more like a week overdue. I normally carry a week over, so that...
So happy for you. Happy Babymoon.
43 weeks today. Unbelievable. There was a moment last night when I thought I might actually go into labor. So hubby and I dtd and nothing. I woke up this morning well rested, but alas...still pregnant. I've realized that I have no control over when this baby is going to be born. The only thing I have control over is my attitude. So I am making a resolution to stay positive. I hope all you other June/about to be July mommas are doing the same. Hugs and Love
congrats...hope it's blissfull
My first was 7.5, my second just short of 7 lbs. They are both considered small for their age. Each child is different and can't be lumped into the "average" size of babies/children. Your baby is perfect, and will grow at her own rate.
We choose not to vax, which has made finding a ped. a little difficult. Stand your ground. There are ped's that will accept a non vax decision. Be wary about the "acknowledgement agreements" that some ped's request you sign. Many of them say that you are knowingly putting the health of your child at risk (which is an admittance of neglect) and could be used against you at a later date. Good luck.
I was technically due on June 9th...that has long ago past, and now I'm just hoping to go into labor by July 9th. (Could I really have been a whole month off on my conception date??) We bought airline tickets to Florida for a family reunion. We leave on July 10th...if I can get the baby out, that is. I know every day makes it more likely that labor will start...but I can't help feeling with each passing day that it is less likely. Still no contractions, no show....
Still here...still pregnant. 42 weeks + 4 days. I keep telling myself that it has to happen soon. No signs of labor yet, though last night on our walk I did have one real contraction. I think labor feels so good and just can't wait for it to start.
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