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I buy the capsules and my 3.5 yo takes hers extruded into a spoonful of raw honey (she loves her fish oil and begs for it!). The SPD 7 yo won't touch it though. :(
My FIL lives in Cathedral City and don't really know much beyond what we visit when we are there. You are going to LOVE the Desert Experience zoo type place. Get a membership! :)
Yucaipa, Redlands, and Loma Linda are going to be the nicer areas to live on that side of the valley. Redlands has a fun little downtown street market, mid-week and is quite a bit more posh than any of the surrounding towns. Loma Linda is full of Seventh-day Adventists, which makes for a safer, more neighborly feel. Great hospital there, and natural foods stores as well - SDAs are big on natural health and healing. There's a lot of new housing going in between Redlands...
Some Kippers are safe, some really freaked my Dd1 out when she was a bit younger. There is an episode about a ghost, one with little space aliens, one when they go to the moon....you have to pick and choose. I really do like them, though; they are kind to each other and speak politely.   We LOVE Pingu!   Mustard Pancakes (a sweet PBS show).   The first 2 seasons of Blue's Clues. Kind of inane, but harmless.   Little Bear. LOVE Little Bear.   Blue...
I know there are a few Chico/Paradise/Magalia/Oroville mamas on here! I just wanted to say hello and that we'll be joining your ranks next week - moving from Central Oregon (*sob*) for family reasons.    Once we're settled, I'd love to hook up at the park and make friends!
My best friend had a home birth with KathRyn Barry, in Santa Rosa. She was brilliant. http://kathrynbarrymidwife.com/   There is a birth center in Santa Rosa (where my friend had her first two babies and really loved working with Rosanne). http://www.womenshealthandbirthcenter.com/   Upvalley, the St. Helena Hospital has an excellent, mama and baby-friendly L&D unit. My mom was a nurse there for many years and helped shape it. If your sister is not quite up to a...
Constance Miles. She just did my best friend's. I think it was $175? here's her site
Kids can SMELL when you aren't interested in what they're talking about, I swear! I've found that if I give my full and undivided attention to my 3.5 year old for 20 minutes or so - BEFORE she starts pestering me - I can then gently guide her into more independent play for a while. This is not an age where they like to be independent, though! So you have to work within his limitations. That said, I do think they can be trained into longer periods of independent play,...
quinoa is a great gluten free grain! I just discovered this website and they have a lot of wonderful GF and allergy-friendly meals. I'm avoiding the Top Eight right now for my nursling - she's not as bad as her sister was, but she is definitely starting to show some reactions. THere are a lot of great resources on the web for how to eat well (and with great variety and flavor) on pretty much any kind of restrictive diet. Good luck!
castor oil compresses with moist heat will really help break up the clog. Stay on op of it! It can go bad fast!
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