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Congrats! You will be a busy lady! If you check with your local multiples group alot of them have giant "yard sales" twice a year. It can be a great resoarce from other moms. I have a friend who took clomid and got identical twins the first round and triplets the second round. SMall world eh?
I was 105 lbs my first pregnany and gained 60. I gained 7 lbs a month like religion....but didnt really sho wuntil my 6th month. After Collin was born I went down to 125....a healthier weight for me. With the twins I gained 75 lbs. ANd dropped all but 10 lbs. I am one of those people who truly beleive you only control a part of what you gain. I was sick as a dog for 6 months in my pregnancy. Vomiting was a daily thing! And I still gained the weight. My first...
Hello everyone! I am new to the boards and wanted to say hello. I have three children from IVF....a 5 year old and two year old twins. I also just found out I am pregnant with a "surprise" in January. I have been trying to research fraternal twins on the internet and not having any luck. Although my twins are from IVF....Fraternal twins runs in my family on my fathers side. My Paternal grandmother is a fraternal twins....and there were four sets in her "siblings"....
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