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I'll check with my colleagues here and see if anybody has space.
Please?  She has asked for help and I'd like to offer some.
I'm trying to gather some information for a local mom who is withdrawing her child from school to begin homeschooling.  There is a ton of information to sort through about how to do this, and what she really needs is a way to sort through it and to connect with other homeschooling parents.  Can anyone direct me to the right resources?
I'm concerned about my son's eyes. He is crossing them when he tries to focus up close. I took him to an opthamologist who said he is a bit farsighted in one eye and advised that we just wait and see. A few months later, it seems to be getting worse, and I think it's affecting his writing and drawing. I called a vision therapy eye doc, who charges $500 for testing and doesn't have an appointment for six weeks. I'm thinking that maybe a second regular opthamologist...
A friend of mine is seven weeks from her due date, and her insurance has suddenly announced they will no longer cover in-hospital midwifery services. She is left without a provider at all and feels quite strongly about having a vbac. Paying out of pocket for a homebirth is probably out of the question. Any ideas?
I get how it works and am considering it. I am having trouble pinpointing dosages and ways to use it, and I'm a little concerned about medication interactions. I'd love to have you share your 5htp stories and knowledge. I took a long round of prednisone after an awful H1N1 bout, and I swear it wrecked my chemistry. I also have a whole long constellation of hypothyroid symptoms, but thyroid tests always come back within normal limits. But I'm an irritable, fatigued...
No more vaxes! You have to trust what his body is telling you. Something in the vax is hurting him. Thuja, immune support, and no more vaccinations!
My son did this for four months. We could never find a pathogen, never a reason, but an unrelated round of ceclor four months in fixed it within 24 hours. There was clearly a pathogen in there!
Pertussis or asthma would be my guesses. Has she been tested for either?
Sending every good wish for healing and comfort. Find a doctor who believes in fighting. I'm so sorry you're facing this. All our strength is with you.
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