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Does religious exemption work for summer camps as well as schools? I just realized I have no idea about that.
My DH and I both have exes who are important parts of our histories, and as such, of the people we became. I respect his exes for their roles in the life of a partner I trust and love. When he is in contact with them, it's not a threat to me at all. When I am in contact with mine, it's not about him and not without his knowledge. We trust each other, we're together, we're committed. Our histories are not off limits, nor are they irrelevant. If we ever have troubles in...
Please update when you see him!
: Zoiks.
Thinking of Jami in Boston, seeing her take a bracing breath of cold air and toss a shower of snow above her head.
I just wanted to say I'm so sorry that your friend is facing this. It must be very sad and frightening for you both. I'm thinking of you.
As a therapist, I feel angry at the person who told you you should be "over" the death of your beloved. What an awful, and patently untrue, thing to say. I hope you can tune out anyone who tells you that your love and your grieving should have limits. And this is an anniversary; it's an especially natural time to feel the full force of grief. I'm sorry for your loss and hope that you can find comfort in those words of love that remain with you still. Wishing you...
If you want to PM me with a little information about what's going on (only what you feel comfortable sharing), your insurance company, and whether you prefer a man or a woman, I can get you some recommendations. I'm a psychologist in MA and there's a good network out there. Let me know if I can help you connect.
I'm looking for a digital SLR intro workshop or brief class series and don't even know where to start. I know the Worcester Art Museum has one later in March, but am not sure what the other options are. Anybody know where to look?
I think that one of the really hard things about death, even the death of someone you didn't see, is that it removes the possibility for there to be any change or resolution or even hope for a better outcome. While you may have accepted that for a long time intellectually, I bet there was a tiny piece of your heart that hoped, because that's the nature of being a human on this earth. The anxiety makes sense to me. I'm so sorry for your loss, which is a loss of so much...
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