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Oh good grief. I'm a psychologist, myself. Where's my platform? I've got a little bit of a different message.
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Most of the kids' haircut places I've been to manage to cut my daughter's straight hair in a crooked line and are muddled by anything other than a buzz cut for boys. The kids need decent haircuts while we're in town! Where should I take them? I'd rather pay a little more out of the starting gate than have to do four different cuts trying to make up for one bad one.
Paige Eastman Dickinson!
It's also fairly common if you've had infection to have some areas that stay inflamed for a bit after the infection subsides. With my experience of plugged ducts and mastitis, it took me a while to figure out that the hard spots I was feeling were induration, not plugs. Plugs are painful, generally-- they feel like bruises and are quite sore. Indurated areas feel a bit hard to the touch and sometimes flat or ropy, but they don't hurt.
I dealt with horrible chronic mastitis, and the best fixes I found were homeopathic phytolacca and very high dose vitamin C. Hope you feel better!!!
Here you go: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...lids-when.html http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...ay-solids.html My son started solids at 9 months. He did just fine and was a healthy, healthy baby. I started earlier with my daughter and completely regret it.
Those are so beautiful!
Those are beautiful!!!
Where's that stat? I know I've seen it-- the average yearly cost of formula-related illnesses in the US. Anybody know?
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