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Some nearby areas that are quite wonderful are Shrewsbury, Northborough, Grafton, and Westborough, if you find that Worcester itself is not where you want to live. I love living near here! Absolutely you can homebirth in this area. There are some great resources for natural parenting, including Mothers and Company in Boylston. I'm an AP-friendly psychologist and have met a number of natural-parenting-supportive practitioners as I've been networking out here.
Also, for anyone reading on the South Shore, Rich Brown in Brockton is an AMAZING chiropractor and is excellent with babies. He adjusted my two shortly after their births.
So glad to hear that there's a safer option with regard to pesticides! My kids love apple picking, but the pesticide thing has me ducking the chance to go.
A friend whom I'm trying to help through a battle with thrush has started gentian violet and has some questions I'm not sure of the answers to. Can anyone weigh in? She gave permission to repost her email to me. There's a photo accompanying it which shows the baby's bottom to have deep purple staining. Quote: As you can see, the GV has stained what I think is the yeast hopefully exiting her body. This I'm not sure of, but it certainly is staining a rash of...
I wrote my dissertation about midwifery and obstetrics. The research is so clear. It was never something I'd considered at all, but facts are facts are facts. It's a good, good idea.
Have a look at this: http://www.drphil.com/plugger/respond/?plugID=12524 I'm very concerned about the tenor of those questions. Let's show him that homebirth is safe and joyful. Readysetgo.
Not alone! It's good biology. Keeps you from having more babies at once than is reasonable for you. It's not always the same, though. With my first, I could have given up sex entirely and not cared a whit. With my second, it was a much easier situation for all of us.
I just wanted to thank you all for these ideas! Keep them coming. I really appreciate hearing from you.
The doctors we've worked with have concluded that my kids are reactive to the pertussis component of the vax and have offered to get them DT-only vaxes. We're done with the whole shebang, though. Not worth it.
I'm a clinical psychologist, and a large part of my focus is on perinatal health. There aren't a lot of psychologists who focus on pregnancy and birth, although there should be. I look a lot at how women's experiences of pregnancy, birth, and maternity care effect their lives as new mothers. I'm trying to put together some workshops for pregnant women-- not women at risk, just healthy women planning healthy births. What would be of interest to you if you were going to a...
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