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A baby's penis doesn't look like an adult's penis, no matter what. By the time they're both adults, they won't be comparing penises. If your little girl has different breasts than you do, will you have cosmetic breast surgery performed on her without her consent? Of course not. It's no different with a penis.
OMG. If there's even a thought in your mind of remaining with this ped, you've got to find a way to insure that she's not going to hurt your little boy. Tell her in no uncertain terms that she is NEVER to touch his penis. Don't allow it, mama, ever.
I can see exactly why you're sad. :headrub:
Ack, I'm having trouble with the link! Click here and look for the story about the story titled "Teen's illness blamed on shot." http://www.cnn.com/video/#/health I know they can't report it without the obligatory "no, no, it's safe, I swear" stuff, but they started and ended it on the notes that this is potentially pretty alarming. I'm so sorry for the child they featured, who is so sick now.
Right, I've never understood that! Circumcision as an adult is LESS horrible to endure, because the foreskin is already separated from the glans (versus being forcibly ripped off in an infant). Also, adults are typically sedated for the surgery and appropriately medicated for pain, neither of which is true for babies. So if the word out is that it's the worst thing an adult could possibly suffer, imagine how much MORESO a baby is suffering.
Sure, of course.
I just saw that. Very shocking.
Pleasepleaseplease somebody call the news media with this one. This is so not okay.
I would complain, too. They might be sabotaging other people's nursing relationships, and it is so far out of line. That's awful. I'm sorry, mama.
A pacifier is a substitute for the breast, not the other way around.
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