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What does this mean? Circ'ed men still get HIV? Sure they do. But at a lower rate than uncirc'ed men. 
So tell me what Bono's motivation is, then. Are you saying he's lying? Uninformed? What?   I don't care. It makes no difference to my life. Would I like to see HIV eradicated or even tamed? Yep. If that means recommending circ to a certain segment of the world population, I'm ok with that.    Ok, I caved. Here are some...
Given how serious and committed Bono is to the causes he espouses, could it possibly be that there is some truth to the assertion? I mean, it's not like he probably cares if anyone is circumcised or not - he has no dog in that fight - but if he's seen credible evidence that HIV transmission can be reduced... I also have no dog in this fight but I think some people here at MDC are SO wedded to the anti-circ movement that they can't even glance at anything that remotely...
I think the OP explained this. Her DD was using the blanket almost as a crutch instead of interacting with real people. I admit that at first I was like "oh no you didn't" to the OP but after reading her explanations, it sounds like she made a very difficult decision that is bearing fruit. She sounds mindful and like she's prepared to change course if things go awry. I didn't get that it's all about the OP needing to cuddle with her daughter...  
I know three grown men (as in, I know them - they are not faceless individuals to me) who have been circed as adults for medical reasons including phimosis and persistent UTI or other infection. And this wasn't in the US. And it's a big procedure for an adult as general anaesthesia is necessary. I haven't met a doctor who takes this lightly (though bash all you want - THOSE DOCTORS WANT EVERYONE CIRC'ed!!!!!1!!!!11!!). So no, it's not an urban legend. 
 my active labors have all been 4ish hrs (i.e. 0 to baby in 4 hrs)
When I was little I hated using soap on my crotch because it stung. At some point someone realized that I wasn't wiping after only peeing and my vulva was raw most of the time. As soon as I started wiping properly every single time, I have had no crotch sting since.   
All my kids are under 5. My boys are in the pool once a week and rinse off afterward. My dd is 2 and likes to play so bathes pretty much every other day. Aside from that, they get 1-2 other baths per week depending on circumstances (in summer they are in every day because they get dirty playing in the yard). I at least have them wet their hair usually but in reality it only gets washed with soap about every 10 days.
Here's a slightly more professional-sounding source (though I have no familiarity at all with this website): http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21113-us-to-test-anthrax-vaccine-in-children-maybe.html    
You know what? I vax. I believe in most of the vaccines we have. But THIS. This is unfrickin'believable. This is going to push so many more people away from vaxxing.    Because now? Now "they" really are as untrustworthy as we suspected. If my kids weren't already vaxxed, I'd be thinking twice in light of this bs 
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