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My mother has expressed some concerns about my 2yo and 11yo boys sharing a room together. My 11yo has aspergers, adhd, and anxiety. She talked to a friend with an autistic son who said they absolutely shouldn't be sharing a room because he probably has no boundaries and could molest the little one.
Have you been using the same washer and dryer all that time?
I think you should call the aunt back yourself and explain that normally you'd love to have her stay but that with the baby coming it just won't work out this time. Surely she'll understand! If she comes on the week of the surgery or after it things will be impossible. Even if the surgery is scheduled for the week after you probably won't feel like entertaining and will want to set everything up for the baby and get some extra sleep. Can you ask the graduate's family if...
I would expect to go up at least one cup size, maybe two. I remember with my first being surprised that although I lost the weight quickly my shape seemed to have changed somehow - my hips were wider? I would wear something that conceals the bottom and shows off the top.
I don't flush. My girls have their bedroom in the basement and the pipes for the bathroom run through there. They make loud sounds for quite a bit after I run water or flush the toilet.
Growing up everyone always remarked on how all my brothers and sisters and I had blond hair and brown eyes. But now that I'm older and away from my siblings I get told I have green eyes a lot. They actually have both colors. My driver's license says brown still, but it's caused some problems because I look way younger than I am. I've tried to buy alcohol only to have clerks start examining my license and saying that I don't have brown eyes so it's not me. Will the DMV...
Keep a post-it note in your purse and put it over the sensor next time!
I saw this in new posts and at first I thought it said "one year old drinking cat urine excessively"
I really don't believe it was a joke or misunderstanding, especially with the "take deep breaths or I'll hit you harder" comment. Are they saying that your daughter completely made that up? Because it doesn't sound like something that could be taken as a joke. Either they are the type of parents who constantly threaten to spank but rarely do it, or the dad spanks and mom doesn't know. Perhaps she was in the other room when it happened and then dad told her the joke...
There is an old friend on my facebook who seems to be my polar opposite at politics and very vocal about it. I ended up "hiding" him from my news feed so I couldn't see his status updates. It's worked really well!
New Posts  All Forums: