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My 11yo son has ASD and ADHD. He saves everything including trash. He keeps things like gum wrappers because they have memories. He has done a few sessions with a therapist where they went through lists and determined which things are typically trash and should be thrown away and which things aren't. I will sometimes go through his room when he's gone and throw out stuff to keep it from being too overwhelming or hazardous. At one point I filled a huge box with all his...
My boss and her friend at my work were discussing how the friend recently had his son circumcised. He said that his wife told him it sounded like they were murdering her son in there and my boss said that there's a reason why they don't let parents in there. They both laughed about it and said oh well it's over and done with now. WHY?????? I just don't understand why people insist on doing something to their helpless babies that they can't even bear to watch themselves.
Can't you keep a closer eye on her? What were you doing all these times that she was hurting the animals? Help her play with them nicely. The first time she harms one of them then take her away from them. Eventually she'll learn. It's normal for kids that age. They are just starting to develop empathy towards other humans. Hurting her for hurting pets sends a bit of a mixed message in my opinion.
I would prefer to have a few minutes. The kids crunched crackers on the living room floor last night and I swept with the broom after they went to bed but didn't vacuum the area rug because it would wake them up. I clean the bathroom on weekends and today is Friday so it's a little smelly, plus there are clothes on the floor in there. Oh, and I cleared off all the kitchen surfaces last night and ran the dishwasher but I was just too tired to hunt down a new dishrag and...
Mine is very low and I can't use tampons anymore but I always use my Diva cup. I did have to cut the stem all the way off, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kivgaen There are 4 of us though... if we only had 4 towels, wouldn't that be worse? -- if we all bathe in the morning and use all 4 towels, and then they aren't dry when DD finds a tube of paint that I forgot about on the counter and compltely covers the kitchen floor, and herself, and needs another bath 2 hours later, the previous towels aren't dry yet, what do I do?? Towels used to dry one person don't get that...
I might consider moving first if that's where you want to live permanently. It could be harder to move after you get a custody agreement.
Just because it's there doesn't mean it's yours. Maybe it's a gift for someone or a friend left it there.
I would have let everyone park right behind the van and blocked it in.
Before I decided not to circumcise my oldest I thought the plastibell would be the best method. I didn't want to hurt him and the info I had said that with plastibell a plastic ring is put on the penis and the foreskin simply falls off after a while. I didn't realize they would cut it, too, or that the separation of foreskin from glans would be painful.
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