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Ask your mail carrier. I ordered a book from amazon last winter and eagerly awaited its arrival. The DC said it was delivered on the same day we had a huge snowstorm. Normally our carrier puts smaller packages in our mailbox but I thought maybe he put it on our porch so I dug around in all the snow by the house in case it had fallen off or was hiding in the snow when my husband shoveled the porch. The city doesn't plow our streets so I didn't get mail for almost a week and...
I have come to realize that I am a people pleaser. I just hate to disappoint anyone. A couple of weeks ago the mother of one of my daughter's friends - whom I've only met once - called and asked if she could drop her daughter by my house because she needed to have an MRI at the hospital. I said yes and it went fine. However, it was disruptive to our bedtime routine and I was thankful my house happened to be clean that day with such short notice. Her mom was gone less than...
They may need a note from your doctor saying that the anesthesia is okay.
Are you nursing? I wouldn't worry about it. Lots of women have trouble losing baby weight and sorry but your stomach won't ever be the same as it was before. The kicks are probably gas. You are just notice it more after having been pregnant.
My first birth was very similar to yours and I've done 2 unmedicated since then. It's better when you can push because you can do something actively, and for me the contractions didn't hurt when I could push. It felt like the baby was coming out of my butt which I didn't like. The hardest part was the push right before the one where the baby came out. The head actually coming out was a relief.
Hair accessories would be nice. I know my girls go through them like crazy. Pajamas, robes, and slippers would be nice. Some basic OTC medicines - bandaids, cold medicine, children's tylenol, etc. For the hygiene items make up big stockings and include them.
Santa can only bring each child one gift. The elves simply don't have the time to make multiple gifts for every child in the world, especially with the growing world population. Some years Santa can't bring the expensive much desired gift but substitutes something else he thinks you would like. After all, even Santa isn't immune to the recession.
At least it's clean?
Can you squeeze it? I know I would be trying!
My almost-2 year old son has found a new way to tell me he wants to nurse. First he leans towards my shirt, sticks his tongue out, and makes a slurping sound. Then he goes "Ahhh...." like the do in the soda commercials after taking a refreshing drink. Then he loudly smacks his lips a few times! This doesn't seem very subtle to me and I wonder how many people realize what he wants. Yesterday he was doing it in the grocery store. Still, it's more subtle than sticking his...
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