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My DD8 has had problems socially this year. She has a group of several friends who are close and another girl was feeling excluded from their group. She appears to be overly sensitive and takes things the wrong way frequently. She also insists on having everything her way or she won't join in play, and then complains to the teacher that no one will play with her. My daughter had been very worried as she is a people pleaser and couldn't seem to make all her friends...
I can see how doctor's office books might worry someone, but I don't worry about used books in general. I'm a huge bookworm and so are my kids so if we bought them all new we'd go bankrupt. As a teen I would easily read a paperback or two a day (homeschooled, so plenty of time to do that.) I think the only times I think twice about used books is when I remember watching a large cockroach crawl out from between the pages of my cousin's closed Bible in Sunday school. She...
It's hard for me, too. I use those days without the kids to get the house [I]really[I] clean - it's so much faster without kids - cook ahead for the week, set up fun stuff to do with them, and recharge myself. It's also nice for running errands and grocery shopping. I do miss them like crazy, though!
I try to time showers for when he's sleeping. I would have him take showers with me except I like mine very hot.
So you can't leave NY, but nothing saying you can't move out with the baby right? So absolutely move out and get yourself and baby set up without him so you can have some peace. Good luck!
You really really really need to not live with him. Does your mom have the money to help you get set up in a new apartment? Do you have a car?
My kids have also asked why we don't have a nice house like everyone else. I wouldn't worry about buying new things. If her house is that nice then lamps will probably not impress her. Just do your best to make sure the front room in clean and uncluttered. If they judge you based on how much money you have then they probably wouldn't be the best friends for your child anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by guestmama900 I CAN BE ALONE WITH MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!! SHE CLEARED ME!!!!!!!!! Ok, so she spoke to my therapist - who said I was a wonderful mother who is totally and completely in love with my son (which is true - he's the cutest baby in the whole world ) and she spoke to my mother, who had some good stuff to say about me, and some bad stuff to say about xBF. AND SHE CLEARED ME!!!! And, I got to tell her some...
Either he goes to his doctor and fixes this, or he sleeps on the uncomfortable bed, or you invest in a better second bed for yourself. If he absolutely refuses to do any of these then you should develop a problem where you randomly kick in your sleep - hard - when you are bothered by loud noises.
Christian has done this for some time. When he was younger I would just say "don't hit" and put him down for a few minute. Now that he's almost 2 he is starting to get some empathy, so I look sad and say he hurt me. Then he pats me gently to say sorry and gives me a hug.
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