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Quote: Originally Posted by HarperRose But kids with Asperger's don't lie. They just don't. They're brutally honest, generally speaking. And if they try, the parent can tell. My 9 yr old doesn't try to lie when he's distraught. I catch him at every lie he's tried to tell. You can see it in his face. Is THAT what it is? My 11yo has aspergers and just doesn't lie. I always wondered why that is because most kids do at some point. Well, occasionally...
I really want to apply for the Y scholarship and would definitely qualify! My problem is that I had a full membership 2 years ago and it was taken off my credit card automatically. That card was near it's limit but I made sure I paid extra every month to cover the fee. However, both bills were due around the same day and the credit card started processing my payment after the Y fee even though it was paid before (online) so the Y fee bounced. Then I didn't realize they...
Mine is 21 months old and I just had to start adding an extra insert, too. Old prefolds have worked well in a pinch, but the hemp one I have is the best.
Next time don't answer the phone. And if she asks in person just say "Oh sorry we have plans. See you later!" and run!!!
Street view is in our town, and although I don't particularly like having it of our house I have found it extremely helpful. I use it to see what places I am going to go to look like, which side of the street to be on, what businesses are before my turn, if there are only parking meters nearby, if there's a parking garage, which lane to be in on a tricky street with lots of turn-only lanes, if it's a neighborhood I feel comfortable walking in with kids, etc. I am the type...
My son is starting daycare and we stopped vaxing at 9 months. Does anyone have a philosophical exemption I can copy for WA? Everything I've found is for religious or for another state. Also, is it better to just not list any vaccines on the form, or list the ones he has and give the exemption? I have no idea how the daycare will react to this, especially with the flu hysteria right now.
My 21 month old just had 2 teeth fixed and they also did a frenectomy under his tongue and for his upper lip. He was under general for the entire thing. We're home now but he's really tired and sleeping. I haven't tried nursing him yet but I know he'll want to when he wakes up. How much pain can I expect him to have and how long will it last? Will it hurt too much to nurse for a day or two or will he be fine? Also they gave him hydro-acetaminophen to help with the pain....
Our prices are awful. I went to value village the other day and dress pants and shirts were $5 each. A sweater set I liked was $15, and so was a dress. Books go from .69-2.99 each. Toddler boy pants were $2-4 each. I wanted to get some cheap halloween costumes but their halloween section is overflowing with prepackaged cheap costumes that look like they came from walmart for $20+ each.
When I read your title my first thought was "Well, then don't let them watch her." They sound like people who will do what they feel is best, and not what you want them to do. It will probably carry over to other parenting decisions, too, and you will never know because they think what you don't know won't hurt you.
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