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Quote: Originally Posted by KatWrangler Hey, can you ask your 16 month old where my tweezers are? My nice pair of tweezers disappeared about 6 months ago. I fear my 16 month did something with them. heater vent
Quote: Originally Posted by BaMo What about a 15 month old and a remote? I've looked everywhere! Ours has been found in a cubby on the side of the entertainment center and in lower kitchen cabinets that he likes to crawl in. Oh, and several times in the toilet which is no fun for anyone.
Oh, and if they have been worn at all try the car, the ground between the house and car, any stores you have visited, the ground between the store and the car, the stroller basket or sling pocket, and the diaper bag.
I would have HUGE problems with that! There is no way I would be okay with missing her first piece of cake, first happy birthday song, first candle blowing, etc. Even if it is "practice." Can you talk to your MIL yourself and tell her that you know it's silly but could she please not have the mini party for your daughter because you would be sad missing all those firsts? If you can't talk to her, or feel she wouldn't respect your wishes, I would skip the wedding or hire...
My toddler threw his shoes down the basement stairs this morning. One was at the bottom, and one fell through the stairs and was hiding in the dirty cubbie under the stairs.
Every time I put mine in the washer it tears a big hole or two in it. Doesn't seem to matter if I put a towel in or not.
behind the entertainment center? behind a curtain?
under the refrigerator in the toilet behind the door under the rug in a dresser drawer down the stairs
Maybe you could get one of those doors where the bottom and top half separate so you could just lock the bottom and keep the top open. It would be higher and more climb proof but not as isolating. Or you could just close his door - not lock it - after he goes to sleep and have one of those cheap door alarms on there to alert you when he wakes up.
My son was also extremely destructive like that when he was little. When he was older we found out he has aspergers, adhd, sensory issues, anxiety, and really bad insomnia. So there were reasons for what he was doing but I didn't know it at the time. Now, looking back, I wish I had so I could have handled things differently. But he was my first child, I was young, and I just thought I was awful at this parenting thing. You can't take a nap while he does. Ever. Or one day...
New Posts  All Forums: