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I'm in Spokane. I have thought about asking to bump her up a grade but somehow assumed that they would suggest it if she could be. Her birthday was 2 days past the cut off date for kindergarten so she's the oldest in her class. She was ready for kindergarten the year before she went but they wouldn't test her because she was in speech therapy.
My 8yo daughter is in 2nd grade. Last year she was in a 1st/2nd grade combo class and her teacher was excellent. She ended up doing mostly 2nd grade work and a lot of 3rd grade work too. She was going to be in the same class with the same teacher this year but due to budget cuts everyone was switched around at the last minute. Her teacher this year seems really nice, but my daughter keeps complaining that she is only allowed to do easy work. They are not allowed to say a...
That would be nice. Always before when I've had them in speech they were either referred to ECEAP - half days only, 4 days/week - or a one hour appointment at the hospital in the middle of the day once/week.
How old is your nephew?
I just started the signs a few days ago and he hasn't tried any yet. I think it's helpful though because I am concentrating on saying those words more as well as signing them. I'm using the signs I remember my older one learning in therapy at that age - mother, father, food, drink, more, all done, help, hurt, stop, milk, and thank you.
My 21 month old's only words are "ready set go" "hi you" and "oh great!" He had more words he had been saying for over a year that I recently realized he has lost - "nana" for nurse, "mama" "dada" and "uh-oh". He hasn't been to the pediatrician since he was 9 months old so I haven't asked about his speech. His ped is very anti-AP and pro-vax. He was fully vaxed until his 9 month visit but none since then. I finally found a good doctor but the insurance can't switch him...
Quote: Originally Posted by crukai No advice. My chiro calls me "kiddo" too. He is definitely 10 years + older than me but I am NO kiddo. I kind of like it though... When I get called "mamn" I feel old. So I will take kiddo. Maybe it is a chiro thing? LOL! Maybe you have the same chiro!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fellow Traveler I hope that was a joke. yes
By the way, I totally get it. I'm 31 with 4 kids and rather accustomed to people referring to me by such names, and labor/delivery nurses assuming I'm a teen mom.
I'm really surprised they're even bothering with finding a vaccine since they've discovered that circumcision prevents HIV so effectively.
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