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My oldest just finished 1st grade. He would get a packet at the beginning of the week that needed to be returned a week later. It had instructions and five worksheets with it. Every day he needed to complete a worksheet (they were easy ones for him) and complete one other task, like read the class book they sent home, write number patterns, etc.
Could he help you? I'm assuming you're using the dishwasher and not handwashing dishes. He could scrape food off dishes into the trash, or put dishes in the dishwasher, or shut the door and lock it for you. You could give him the clean silverware and let him sort it and put it away. It sounds like he's really missing you, and probably tired and grumpy from the long day. Does he sleep by himself? You could clean up after he goes to bed. We usually have dinner from...
I wonder if they mean smoking inside around the baby all the time, or smoking outdoors. Smoking 3 packs a day or 3 cigarettes a day? Are there any actual studies on this?
I only consider myself vegetarian. I don't drink milk or use eggs. I do eat cheese although I try not to. It's always been my biggest craving food - it's my chocolate.
I use 7th generation lavendar scent.
I wish I knew! Last summer I simplified when we moved and saved 7 outfits for each child. I thought that was fine because they were out of school and that's enough to last a week. Apparantly not, because when my SIL visited she went out and bought me bags and bags of clothing from a thrift store for them because they didn't have "very many clothes". Then we got to spend the summer with clothing thrown all over the house because we don't have storage space for them.
Macaroni and cheese (my 7yo's favorite because he can help cook it), corn, and vegetarian baked beans.
My husband has said he wishes I would get pregnant again just so I would lactate. I don't like him to "nurse" on me. The mothering feelings and erotic feelings clash and make me feel uncomfortable. Plus, he has an awful latch!
I just smile and say "okay, thanks!" and then go do my own thing. Elise
You can make it change to cycle day one anytime by marking it as menses instead of spotting. I would do that if it's getting too long to read. Just keep in mind that despite what the software says it is not infertile unless you ovulated before the bleeding episode. Elise
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