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You could try Mason Cornelius of Nova Midwifery ( http://www.novamidwifery.com/ ).  It was more than three years ago that she was my midwife so I don't know how far she travels these days but she's not too far from Fremont.   I loved having Mason as my midwife and would recommend her :) I don't remember how much she charged but my insurance at the time reimbursed most (all?) of her fees.  I want to say that it was in the $5000 range (? Maybe??)   If she does...
Here is a link to the Treasure Map 2009 thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crayfish You can run Windows on the new Macs now. Native, not emulation. Fast. Two computers in one! Crayfish Ack! I'm not sure that I needed to know that because now I'll be lusting over one every time we walk past the Apple store. Native though...that's great to know.
When reading Ksenia's post in Gmail, the sponsored link was to Enleiten which is a web based GTD task list (at least that is what it looks like from a 5 second glance. ) I recently found that Levenger (makers of Circa, mentioned by Ksenia) sell things on eBay.
I'm not going to even start reading up on all of the visually attractive Mac apps that all of you Mac users have available to you. I switched from PC to Mac back to PC a handful of years ago due to the games (MMORPGs) available back to PCs back then but dearly miss how pretty Macs (and their apps) are. Maybe my next computer will be a Mac. Dunno. At any rate... Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace Oooh. I am loving the 43 folders Process to...
I just bumped into this thread. Some organization would be a good thing in my life. I've been starting to work on a 'home binder' (bought a cute binder, decided which binder tabs I have to have, all of the fun stuff ) now I need to get to figuring out what I want in the binder. I got hung up last week trying to find 'printables' that I liked but couldn't find any that didn't have web page names on them Anyway...I wanted to post a site I found last week, similar to...
I have one of these (Scrubee Doo) with a couple of the microfiber and dust mop 'pads' that I toss into the washer when I am done. Love it! (It is much sturdier than the Swiffer was.)
Quote: Originally Posted by TranscendentalMom Six Feet Under is the best one ever and there are 6 seasons to watch! : And the finale...*sob* My husband and I have "we're definitely going to watch the entire series again" plans once we have a little more spare time.
If I am currently in the middle of a subscription but would like to take advantage of the sale, can I extend my subscription (both to the forum and to the digital version of Mothering magazine)?
*looks around* Do you have an after pic? :
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