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My heart is breaking over this. I just can't imagine what they're going through. I feel so helpless; I wish I could do more.
A few years ago, I would have been all over Tolle and his work. I've recently become skeptical of new age gurus and authors. I now see that because I suffer from depression, I try to latch on to someone who I perceive as being "higher" to help me. I'm not saying it can't help, but I do urge everyone to be careful about giving anything to people we see as more spiritual. If you want some information about others who have had bad experiences with people like Tolle, Byron...
I've had a few days where I got completely caught up and forgot to write. So, I'm here to reaffirm my pledge!
Quote: Originally Posted by Caneel I don't know if I am disappointed or just not as interested. I agree about the disjointed feeling. Some of the plot lines seem to jump around for no reason. Like Pete and his wife. He treated her poorly last season and now is all 'lets dance and prance around like we are so terrific" and it didnt' appear to be an act. They were playing it like they were honestly happy. What happened between then and...
I'm new there! http://twitter.com/evgerv
Awesome! :
To write EVERY DAY, no matter how busy we are. It's time for me to get serious about my craft if I'm going to be successful. If it's time for you too, make that promise to yourself too! We deserve it. :
If anyone's more interested in the education side, the latest investigation of hy-line North America by Mercy for Animals has been causing a huge uproar. You can get a free documentary about it for showings. http://www.wfad.org/actioncenter/fowlplay.htm
Just added you! I'm evgerv (and I'm a newbie there)
I have a B.A in English. I wish I could go back and do my focus in film since that is my real passion. Oh well; I'm teaching myself!
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