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Have you tried a good probiotic and vitamin c? We have found them to be really effective for allergies. gl hth
Are you on a good probiotic daily? We use Natren's Healthy Trinity - comes in dairy free. Also, consider CLO or a magnesium supplement. I have found that ACV mixed in water with a little juice also helps. You could try vitamin c, too. GL HTH
I love buckwheat! We use it for pancakes and recently I made muffins with it. The challenge for me is to make things that are not too dry and crumbly.   I have found that recipes that use fruit... like bananas or applesauce... come out the best! Others are ok, but, I think the fruit keeps it moist. Also, I don't use eggs or any 'gum' powders, either.   hth :-)
I've been using a lot of buckwheat flour lately. Have you tried that yet? Usually get good results. I use corn flour, too, and like it.   Also, I've used gf oats/oat flour... but I know they are "iffy" for some people.   I don't do rice or quinoa either and the nut and coconut flours don't usually appeal to me. The only exception is one recipe for almond cookies, but I rarely make it... save it for special occassions.   gl hth
Thanks.... it sounds encouraging. I've got my fingers crossed... I am just going to see what they say when I turn in the form. So frustrating!
I really need some help. I do not want to do a tb test for my dd who is entering kindergarten in the fall. I have the physical form that the dr fills out, and I'm not sure what to do. I just do not want dd tested. Anyone else btdt? I could really use some help/advice!   TIA!!
No No No... we are not talking about baking yeast that you use to bake bread.... Yeast *extract* is manufactured by a highly refined process. Yes - it still contains msg. Look at the wording, "no manufactured msg is added..."   Naturally occurring msg... yes, but just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good for your health. Sadly, this is all marketing.   I did a little reading, this is where I started...
I agree w/previous poster about cutting out all 'white' stuff and see if you can get her to eat more fruits, veggies, and increase fluid intake - get creative w/sippy cups/glasses, straws, even ice cubes, or anything that makes the cup look or feel enticing.   When my dd1 was younger, our dr recommended a good probiotic, a daily age-appropriate dose of cod liver oil, and adding some magnesium powder to her (diluted) juice each morning. Don't give up w/them, it may...
We used/use Natren's Life Start. It's the only one that has really worked for us. Highly recommend.   http://store.natren.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=N&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=50125&Category_Code=   GL HTH
    I must disagree with this. You really should give your LO an age-specific probiotic. Acidophilus isn't the primary strain in an infant's gut like it is in an adult's. When my dd was hospitalized at 7.5 wo and given heavy duty antibiotics both by injection and orally, we found that Natren's Healthy Start not only worked the best, but was the only one she was able to fully tolerate. It's a powder that you can mix with food like applesauce or water or breastmilk, nothing...
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