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wow where has this pregnancy gone. I think I have been on here very few times. My name is Diane and I am due May 15th (but feel like it can be any day now!) I am 37 weeks today. Thanks for adding me so late in the game. This is my 3rd kiddo and I work full time, have been busy I guess!
I find that even if he goes to bed at 10:30 or 8:30 (or inbetween) that he still wakes up at 7ish. My DD always went to bed pretty late (with us--around 10 or 11). Now that she is in school, we have her go to bed by 8:30-9pm. I find that I would like him to start going to bed with her for a few reasons: we are having another baby (in the next month) and it will be harder to put him to bed that late with a new LO because we have to stay with him until he falls asleep in our...
I am having a hard time getting my almost 25 month old to bed at a decent hour. He wakes around 7am and may take an hour nap or so around 12 or 1ish. If he does that, he wont get to sleep again until 10:30 pm. If he doesnt take that afternoon nap he is really tired around 5 or 6, which for us is TOO early, so ends up being in a bad mood and will go to bed around 8ish, which is fine expect for the crankiness. Has anyone found a good schedule for thier little ones?
Haha. I feel just like you today except mine is 28 pounds at 24 weeks I feel huge and like I can go any min now. I gained about 30# with both of my other kids, not sure where this wt is coming from this time around (lack of exercise probably) but I have been eating well, really not limiting but I do eat pretty healthy anyway. Oh well, it's pregnancy, lets enjoy and nurse it off after
Quote: Originally Posted by CookAMH Maybe there is a lower blood sugar level expected with the food compared to the drink. My midwife gives the option of doing the jelly bean test. She said 18 jelly beans which I could do after not eating for 3 hours. But the standards are lower so you might be more opt to fail that one. It has be be Brach's jelly beans by the way she said. I am unsure which to do (glucola or jelly beans) I have horribly low bs...
Quote: Originally Posted by CookAMH You mean in the bedroom? Absolutely. I am used to it now, but when it was first done and we "tried" again it felt completley different. It was better intact. So, think of those daughter-in-laws that will love you because you left your little one intact
I know who to turn to for questions- the CAC board here is AMAZING and I have questioned away many of times so I do encourge you to learn more about circ from the great men and women on that board! Intact son here and intact daughter--not sure what this one will be (hope to find out soon) but in either case he/she will remain as they were born--perfect! And I have said it on the CAC board--my hubby was intact and is now circ'd (about 3 yrs ago--before we knew of...
I had to comment because I am sitting here at work and just thought: I swear my belly just grew while I read this email! I put on some non maternity pants today and they fit in the am but by the time I get out of work I can barely button them and the cycle starts again tomorrow....time for maternity pants!
Looking for consignment stores with maternity clothes. Especially in the Waterbury/Middletown/Danbury areas which is where I travel most often. Thanks.
Thanks everyone. It is just starting to sink in and it is scary and exciting at the same time. We'll make it thru I am sure it's just hard work and no money and I ALREADY GAVE ALL MY STUFF AWAY!!! LOL I am considering asking for my maternity and baby clothes back haha once everyone finds out. It's still our little secret right now...til like Tuesday or something!
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