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Thanks for all of the ideas!
I've never posted in this area before (or lurked for that matter), but thought I might get some new ideas from you lovely mamas of toddlers! I was wondering if you might have some ideas/suggestions for new games or things to do with things you would typically find around the house eg. dry beans, rice, cereal, paper, magazines, etc. I've come up with some things on my own, but my brain has stopped functioning when it comes to being more creative with my 2 year old! TIA...
Cath ~ Thanks so much for all of the info...I am still hoping to find out more about dom in particular!
Pam, this is off the subject, but I was checking out some of your pics and was wondering what type of wrap you're using in some of the photos. It looks like the ones I've seen and liked, but don't know what they are called or where you get them! TIA (hope it's OK that I asked this ? on this thread?!?)
Hi...I'm new to this area of the forum, but wanted some info on wraps or slings. I have one sling that I really like, but I've seen some mommies wearing what looks like a LONG piece of fabric and they have their babes so close to them. It looks so nice! Could I get some info on what's out there and what you all like and why? I have a 5 month old and 2yr. old and would like something that would work for both. I also would like something affordable...if possible! TIA...
: Quote: Originally Posted by pamamidwife ( She won't even latch on. Has anyone had this issue? I wonder if I can slide the tube into her mouth after she latches. ? I've never used a LA, but did try an SNS and my LC suggested slipping it into baby's mouth after a good latch is made! Good luck! Keep us posted!
I'm so sorry you went through that, unfortunately I know exactly how you feel. I've gotten "the looks" before when I've said low milk supply and you know what...noone knows what you or I have been through and they shouldn't pass judgement! Be proud of how far you have come and don't feel for a minute that you are a failure, you are the best mama for your dc! Keep up the good work!
I'm not pregnant (or least I don't think I am), but was wondering about taking domperidone if I did get pg again. I'm taking it to increase my supply for my 5 month old ds. Do any of you know if it would be safe to take during pregnancy????
I just want to send ! I've been there and you are so smart and blessed to be getting this help early! Keep up the good work you are doing for your sweet babe! Also...consider looking into a speech therapist. My ds had weak oral motor and that's what was causing his weak suck. Our LC referred us to a therapist and she gave us exercises to work on at home to strengthen his muscles!
mama-a-llama I know all about the staying up until midnight on MDC...I'm addicted (in a good way) This weekend I tried stretching out my pumps to 4 hrs one time a day which left me with only 6 pumps/day as opposed to 7 b/c I don't pump in the middle of the night any more! It gave me more rest and I feel like I've made more milk this way. I haven't recorded, but I want to do that tomorrow so I know for sure how much I'm pumping, but ds only took one supplement bottle...
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