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Still nursing 4 1/2 yo in public. I like to let him know nursing is normal and feel like it is a service to others to see nursing is natural. Had some issues surprising more when he was younger than now. He knows he needs to be respectful of mommy's body though so if for some reason it won't work he is okay with that.
Do weeds count? I have a lot of those that need to go!!!
So glad there are others like my DH Aug de-clutter challenge may help I will tell him about it and maybe he will play too for a few days...
It's almost August right? EST it is already... So I am needing some motivation. I am trying for 10 things a day... 310 or more who's with me?
DS pinches when he is angry at me! Any ideas for this one? I usually tell him no that hurts mommy and put him down or we don't pinch when we are angry we talk or sign (he's 16mo old).
: Thank you thank you I like to thank.....
Same situation here just telling a friend today it is easier to clean up after only 2- but I'd take the socks over not having him any day!!!
I am done... but still going strong. Have about 600 things now on my list. Thinking for November I want to try for 5 things away a day. I'm addicted
I second the CYA I really like her wraps too. I bought a little big to double diaper and do like the gold thick one better than the stripey one... she is very nice too.
Maybe scan on computer save to disk? I just started tossing my negatives and feel okay I have them backed up. Now I use snapfish for my 35 mm pictures so they store them online incase something bad happens. 425/500 so close!!!
New Posts  All Forums: