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This post is so timely, as I just signed up for youtube.edu last night.  However, I'm a bit befuddled by the whole thing; I'm not a regular Youtube user, so the concepts of creating playlists, looking at other people's playlists, and subscribing to videos is a bit foreign.  Can someone tell me how exactly you use Youtube.edu? 
I'm a big fan of the Bravewriter program. It's very unschooly, or whaterever you want it to be, really.   
I have a first grade-aged child...he is my third, so he's exposed to a lot of things that my older two weren't doing at that age, simply because he's there!    Reading - 100 Easy Lessons...we've been working on this very slowly.  I need to get a routine down with him, because it's not happening like I'd like!   Writing - Handwriting without Tears.  I found the tiny blackboard useful, but that's it.  I also do love their lined paper (my oldest two still use...
I second the suggestion of eliminating desserts.    My ds1 eats about 20 foods total, no joke (he is 9yo, btw).  However, that list would expand significantly if I included sugary, carb-laden foods.  As a result, I only have food around that I'm okay with him eating anytime; that boils down to tons of fruit, nuts (we make lots of different kinds of trail mixes), cheese, yogurt, smoothies, that sort of thing.  I make normal dinners for the family, but I always put out...
I HS three, and I often think longingly of my friends who only HS one...not that I regret my situation by any means, but my goodness, they have it so easy!  They are not pulled in many different directions, and they can do whatever they want, when they want.  Such freedom!  My kids are out and about constantly, so socially it would make no difference to only have one child.   
Thanks for the recommendations!  I will check those out!!!   Anything else?  
We started on Calvert long ago as part of a cyber charter school; we are more unstructured HS'ers so in the end, the only thing we used was the math.  However, years later we still use Calvert math.  I think it's fine...it seems to meet my kids' mathematical needs, although we do supplement it with the Life of Fred.   
Dd is 10.5YO and roughly 5th grade this year, and I'm wondering if there are any online resources out there we should know about/be taking advantage of?  I've looked in to Kahn Academy, but most of it seems geared toward older kids (except for math, but we've already got that subject covered).  I also read something about knowmia.com and looked at it briefly, but it seemed virtually impossible to tell what, if anything, was age appropriate...there was a ton there, but...
We have always homeschooled, and have come to appreciate the huge traveling benefits our non-schooling status has afforded us over the years!  We mainly started traveling because my family lives on the other side of the country.  We've made those big trips since the kids were infants, but over the past few years we've expanded the trips to be more "educational" if you will.  Now, pretty much every trip to the East Coast is an excuse to go see something new :-).  A...
That does stink!  We went two years ago with the HS discount and it was great (b/c I don't actually think it's worth the $60 or whatever they want to charge you full price).  I hope you can make it work!  
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