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Wow, thanks for sharing!  You are one organized mama!
Yes, I have considered Writing with Ease, but it seems so scripted...I do, however, like the copywork component!     
Yes, ds would like to do this as well!  Would your ds like to write the first letter/card/whatever or would you like my ds (also 7) to do so?
I'm interested in using copywork as a method for teaching language arts, handwriting, and spelling all in one :-).  Does anyone have any great sources for copywork?  I'm looking for secular text that would be appropriate for a 2nd and 4th grader.    TIA!
I am confused about what to buy.  Should I buy just the workbook?  I don't usually buy teacher's editions, but is there some reason that I should?  Does it include the student workbook pages that could be copied from the teacher's edition?  Also, I'm unclear about the Daily Grams thing...is it really beneficial, or just more of the same?    TIA!
We are planning a trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg this fall, so we've been informally learning about this topic all summer.  We have mostly done books from the library, many of which have already been mentioned.  There are many fun nonfiction books, but we've also learned a huge amount from historical fiction.  There are several American Girl books on the topic that all of my kids enjoyed, and I've also found a few "journal" style historical fiction books from the...
I don't know, I think desks are overrated!  In our house, no one wants to be off working by themselves so the kitchen table works perfectly.  We don't have a huge kitchen, but we do have what I think is called a 'buffet' (long skinny piece of furniture, table high) that has drawers where the schoolwork is kept.
Ditto to what everyone else has said about having a special shelf or spot for library books and keeping track of things online.  However, our saving grace is simply going to the library every single week on a designated day (if we don't make it a certain day, it doesn't happen every week).  We can check out books for three weeks; going every week means that we have THREE (!) chances to get all the books back before they are due.  It usually works, and I don't owe too...
I have a dd like yours, and (sorry to be a downer here) but there was really nothing that I could do to her to play independently at that age.  Mostly what I did was to make sure dd  had a friend or two to play with, either at our house or someone else's.  As long as she had someone to do stuff with, together they would do all those crafty things that I envisioned her being able to do independently - knitting, fort building, collecting bugs outside, you name...
I am joining in here, as I would like to do the same thing with our homeschool group.  We already divide the kids up based on age and ability, so I think we're good there.  I LOVE that 'Team Challenges" book...it looks great.  As my library doesn't seem to have it, I might just have to order it!    Mooninmamma, can I ask you more specifics about the activities you did with your group's science club?  Specifically, I'm interested in where you got the activities, and...
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